Arcturian Healing – Experiencing Your 5th Dimensional Body

Arcturian Healing – Experiencing Your 5th Dimensional Body


Discover with the help of the Arcturians, how to connect to your 5th dimensional body and access the powerful Arcturian vibrations to accelerate your own spiritual growth.

This class and guided meditation webinar shows you how to tap into the Arcturian vibrational healing energies to help bring you into balance and harmony with all that is.

This meditation will help to support you in finding inner peace and fulfilment. The healing techniques given will expand your consciousness and your ability to perceive spiritual sounds.

During the meditation, you will be supported by the Arcturians to open up the heart chakra to its fullest potential. This will help move you into a new level of spiritual growth. You will be able to access the deep healing energies that your soul needs at this time.

This class and meditation offers you the opportunity to explore Arcturus and experience bliss. Discover more about Arcturian healing and how to continuously feel connected to the creator.

This webinar was broadcast on 28 August 2013. Please note this live webinar broadcast may have some background noises from other participating delegates. We have done our best to edit out the main background noises, but some small interference may still remain.

Please note that this is not an instant download. You will be emailed by Jill personally with your own private link to enable you to view this webinar within 24 hours of your order.


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