Archangel Uriel – Tapping into Celestial Prophecy

Archangel Uriel – Tapping into Celestial Prophecy

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Work with Archangel Uriel and learn how to access your higher-consciousness 24 hours a day.

In this fascinating DVD Home Study Course discover who Archangel Uriel is and how to work with the gift of prophecy using the power of your dream state.

We’ll look at how much of physical reality is affected by our dream state and how to use access healing, spiritual guidance and wisdom in our dream state to benefit our waking reality.

We will discuss different ways for you to expand your consciousness. How to analyse your dreams and also continue dreams for great understanding of your soul and the lessons it want to learn.

We’ll look at prophecy imprinting, how to penetrate your understanding of the worlds which lay beyond your dreams. How to access higher realms in your dreams and the inter-relationship between the physical world and the realms beyond this universe.

We’ll look at omens, synchronicities and how to use them to enhance and heal your world and your life for the better.

Archangel Uriel is the Prince of Prophecy, he has the ability to bestow the gift of prophecy on those who ask. This fun and educational DVD is offered to help you spiritually and personally evolve.
Course Contents:-

1 Downloadable DVD
1 Manual

Manual Contents include:-

This book accompanies the DVD Archangel Uriel – Cosmic Prophecy.

Contents: –

Who is Archangel Uriel?
Do you dream?
How to remember dreams.
What hinders our dreams.
What promotes dream recall.
Why our dreams are important.
Reasons why we don’t remember dreams.
Dream journals
Which plane are you accessing?
Invoking Archangel Uriel.
Key points about prophecy.
Spiritual signposts in your dreams.
Accessing collective consciousness.
3 Meditation exercises.


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