Archangel Uriel Sphinx Ancient Egypt Energy Attunement

Archangel Uriel Sphinx Ancient Egypt Energy Attunement


If you are drawn to this Archangel Uriel energy attunement, it is because you are a gate-keeper for the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and it is now important that you accelerate your spiritual journey by discovering the deepest levels of your soul and access your soul’s power.

This Archangel Uriel energy attuenement will assist you in aligning with Archangel Uriel and enlisting his support as you seek to understand yourself, embrace transformation and unlock the ancient wisdom your soul has already learnt.

This is a profound energy attunement that initiates you to your higher purpose, it will accelerate your clairsentience, help you to clear away the old and manifest the new higher 5D and 6D knowledge. If you desire to teach, shape the world and play a bigger part in the journey of humanity this energy attunement is calling for you to dig deep into your soul and recover the lost knowledge of the ancient mystery schools.

How will this attunement benefit me?
Initiates you to your higher purpose
Accelerates your clairsentience
Attunes and aligns you to Archangel Uriel
Enables connection to your 5D and 6D soul aspects
Helps you to understand the soul self at a much deeper level
Releases you from old beliefs and behaviour
Increases your ability to step into and access soul empowerment
Access and increase your power to heal yourself, Earth and others

How do I receive this Archangel Uriel attunement?

This attunement is channelled for you by Angel Messenger Jill Harrison and sent to you via an energy distance orb. Once your attunement has been completed for you, you will receive a manual and guidance on how to receive your attunement.



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