Archangel Transcendence Healing Programme

Archangel Transcendence Healing Programme

Experience angelic transformation and awakening in this angelic spiritual development programme designed to help serious spiritual seekers, expand their soul and human potential.


Connect with the angelic realm for healing, awakening and transformative change. This programme will be a powerful and transformational consciousness expansion awakening for those who desire a greater connection with their angels.


If you're ready to take the next step in your own spiritual and human transformation journey, place your order today.


This particular webinar programme introduces you to working with the Archangels for Ascension and Soul Growth.

Each module will focus on a particular archangel, who they are and how they can support you in your personal ascension process.

Also included in each module is an angelic attunement with specific ascension codes, so that you can learn how to align yourself to each particular archangel, and work with that archangel to master that vibrational frequency.  

This will give you the opportunity to learn the different energies of each archangel and how they communicate and work with you. The module will then finish off with a guided meditation for personal healing, transformation and expansion.



Archangel Sandalophon - Universal Spiritual Clearing Ascension Codes


Archangel Michael - Vibrational Elevation Codes For Empowerment and Protection.

Archangel Gabriel - Ascension Codes For Channelling & Unlocking Intuitive Gifts

Archangel Uriel - Angelic Emotional Healing Ascension Codes

Archangel Raphael - Abundance & Prosperity Ascension Healing Codes


Archangel Raguel - Higher Pathways Ascension Codes


Archangel Haniel - Authentic Self-Emergence Ascension Codes - Accessing Higher Vibrations

Archangel Jophiel - Spiritual Growth Ascension Codes


Archangel Azrael - Compassion and Chakra Unification Ascension Codes


Archangel Chamuel - Universal Light & Love Ascension Codes


Archangel Zadkiel - Spiritual Elevation Ascension Codes


Archangel Metatron - Divine Connection Ascension Codes


Testimonial: - 


It's a great way to fully immerse yourself in angelic healing and communication.  I have had wonderful experiences with AA Raphael . Raphael truly has helped to balance the energies within the physical form, that extends to the subtle to the bodies, emotional and mental.


I have experienced wonderful healing in family relationships with both my family and my husbands.


Physically, I am feeling better than I have in a long time.

I noticed in doing energy work on others, a new level of energies are coming through which are helping them to release family karmic energies physically, mentally and emotionally so that they can come into a balance and a better flow.


I have also been able to bring balance in my work life that allowed me to release some clients in order to allow me more time to spend on my spiritual growth and preparation, without fear of letting someone down or not having sufficient funds. I know that I am a letting go of the poverty consciousness and embracing the abundance in all areas of my life and sharing it.


I have through the meditation felt so connected to the universe, and the ebb and flow of spirit.


I feel a true blending with Raphael's energies, in a way I have not felt with other Archangels or Angels, and I have been connected to Uriel and Michael all of my life. Raphael's presence, love and compassion are encompassing and expanding. I have truly been able to open my heart fully without any fear or trepidation.

I am happy to work with theses energies and share them with others.


Blessings and thanks





Please note that due to the number of modules, you will be sent the download links for these files by email. The first download is the introductory video that explains all about this programme.


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