Archangel Gabriel – Becoming The Celestial Designer

Archangel Gabriel – Becoming The Celestial Designer


Working with Archangel Gabriel in this powerful course, discover how to connect to Archangel Gabriel to help you reawaken within you the intuitive nurturer, the divine feminine energy to help you embrace rebirth of the self into the cosmic celestial co-creator you truly are.

This Archangel Gabriel course will help you with self-love issues, open up your creative channels and transform you into embracing self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth. This is a powerful celestial heart healing course, which will move you into heart-centered awareness, so you are able to embrace peace and tranquillity.

Work with celestial energies which work on helping you to heal yourself and others, through transforming your ability to communicate with love, compassion and peace.

If you struggle with anger, feel taken for granted or feel your own needs are often ignored, this amazing energy attunement course will help you to begin to transform your life and move into the cosmic designer, so you can rebirth yourself and cosmically design the life you were meant to live.

Explore how to live in alignment with the creation cycle and ride the current of higher-consciousness. Merge with your higher consciousness and explore where you are in the your soul’s creation cycle. Explore how to flow and develop your soul’s journey with Archangel Gabriel. Tap into your creative force and unleash your full intuitive awareness.

Learn how to change your vibratory rate to recreate and design who and what you want to grow into.


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