Archangel Gabriel Angel Attunement

Archangel Gabriel Angel Attunement

SKU: AAG3001

This powerful angel attunement is to help you awaken to the true empowered self. This Archangel Gabriel attunement will expand your psychic awareness of Archangel Gabriel to help you have a greater sense of your purpose and life direction. This attunement will help you to call upon and connect with Archangel Gabriel for inspiration, healing and guidance.

Archangle Gabriel’s role is to help you see, connect and move into a celestial designer. This attunement will help you to develop powerful insight into your life through self-love and self-expression.

If you need to learn to love yourself, develop your clairvoyance, and you desire to have more ability in creating your dreams, this attunement will help you begin your journey of transforming the self.

This attunement takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes and is given as an energy orb of light attunement or as a personal one-to-one coaching session via the internet. If you feel you would like to be personally coached through this session, then please select the one-to-one private coaching session in the options. This order is normally completed usually within SEVEN DAYS and a maximum of 14 days.


You will receive an order confirmation within 24 hours.

ORB ATTUNEMENTS – If you ordered your attunement by way of an energy orb attunement, you will receive detailed instructions within 24 hours on how to access your attunement.



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