Angelic Abundance & Prosperity with Archangel Raziel

Angelic Abundance & Prosperity with Archangel Raziel


Let Archangel Raziel Teach You How To Access Angelic Abundance

Work with the angelic realm, and learn how to awaken and strengthen, your ability to manifest your desires.

Archangel Raziel guards the universes secrets. He is known for his Divine wisdom on celestial wisdom and earthly knowledge. He is the Chief of the Erelim (Sometimes called Ophanim or Auphanim). Archangel Raziel resides in the seventh heaven.

He can help you tap into your ability to co-create with God, light, the one-conscious energy.
As the Archangel of Power and Transformation, he can help you to transform thought into physical reality.
Archangel Raziel is also referred to as the ‘Angel of Glory’, ensuring that we have the ability to have and experience goodness in our lives.

With lots of information on Archangel Raziel, along with tips for manifesting, this course promises to give you tons of information, including a guided meditation to help you join with Archangel Raziel and his prosperity angels to help you learn the art of manifesting miracles.

This programme consists of: –

Downloadable DVD Programme
MP3 Guided Meditation
Programme Workbook PDF Format

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