Ancient Starseed Druid Knowledge Energy Attunement

Ancient Starseed Druid Knowledge Energy Attunement

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This Ancient Starseed Druid Knowledge Energy Attunement will reconnect you with the founding Ancient Starseed Founders’ knowledge that was passed down to humankind, practiced Eons ago, by the Druids, this energy attunement enables you to tap into the ancient healing wisdom of the druids and our Starseed Founding Mothers and Fathers.

This energy attunement is particularly helpful in balancing your ability to channel Starseed guides whilst in human form. You will find your awareness of whether cosmic energies and Earth’s energy system are in harmony and understanding of how to use energies to live a soul-led life rather than a low humanoid energy intellect.

This particular energy attunement will enable you to receive guidance from the founding extra-terrestrial founding civilisations and enable you to feel a greater connection with Earth and the galaxy she resides in.

You will find yourself after this energy attunement connecting with ancient civilisation healing and spiritual knowledge that you will be able to impart to others and your environment to support the homeostasis of Earth and humanity.

This attunement will assist you with: –

  • Reconnection with the powerful ley lines and Crystalline grid of Mother Earth
  • Recalling ancient druid knowledge held in the crystalline grid that was taught by the founding Starseed races.
  • Enable you to download cosmic energy upgrades for soul actualisation
  • Access the ability to read and understand planetary balances and how to work with ancient druid energies for empowerment and hyper-psychic awareness.


How Do I Receive This Energy Attunement?

You will be sent shortly after your order an email with your attunement manual and instructions on how to access your energy healing attunement Chi-ball. We can also provide you with a certificate of completion if you require this for your working practice. Just send us an email when you have completed your email to receive your certificate.

What Are The Benefits of Energy Attunements?

Your energy attunements can help you with: –

  • Rebalancing and charging of your chakra system and meridian lines, thereby enabling you to intuitively connect with spirit
  • Establishes a stronger connection with our Higher Self and your soul group
  • Enables you to perceive energies easier
  • Improves your ability to perceive your guides, angels, ascended masters, Starseed guides and loved ones.
  • Reduces stress and energy imbalances on your energy bodies
  • Accelerates your ascension process
  • Increases your ability to feel at peace with yourself and the world
  • Provides you with spiritual protection and nourishment
  • Increases relaxation and mental alertness
  • Enables you to access higher healing energies for self and others
  • Assists you with your spiritual and personal development.



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