88 - Throat Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

88 - Throat Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

Activate and channel your soul's voice!


Your throat chakra is the portal to your higher self and higher consciousness. It is the portal through which the soul expresses itself.  In this throat chakra guided meditation you'll be guided into a deeply relaxing meditative state, where you'll be guided on how to create powerful healing energy to release all energy blocks that prevent you from speaking your truth and accessing your higher self and higher consciousness. 


By using this throat chakra balancing guided meditation you will be able to: - 


  • Overcome your ability to clearly express yourself and your needs
  • Free yourself from feeling shy and scared to say what you think
  • Reduce sensitivity issues
  • Increase your levels of confidence
  • Clear away anxiety you feel in social settings.
  • Boost your ability to make decisions confidently
  • Access your creative potential

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