77 Atlantean Magic – Higher Light Awakening Meditation

77 Atlantean Magic – Higher Light Awakening Meditation

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Experience Powerful Atlantean Spiritual Energies for Intuitive Transformation & Awakening.


Learn how to access Atlantean Ancient Wisdom and Guidance. This Atlantis Healing guided meditation focuses on helping you to learn how to heal and restore balance to all things created.


What is this guided Atlantis healing meditation about?


In this Atlantis healing meditation, you will discover how to tap into and use Atlantean Magic to heal and transform yourself and your life. Learn how to alter your own spiritual vibration for transformation and awakening.


What is the length of this crystal healing guided meditation?


This particular guided healing meditation is 57 minutes long.


How often should I listen to this guided crystal healing meditation?


You can listen to any of our guided meditations as much as you like. We have some clients who find that repeating the meditation on a regular basis is really beneficial to their spiritual growth and helps to accelerate their psychic development and ascension process.


What time of day is best to listen to this guided meditation?


As this is a powerful altered-state guided meditation, we would recommend you do this meditation when you are fully awake, this will ensure you do not fall asleep and miss out any valuable information you may receive whilst doing this meditation.


What are the benefits of doing this guided crystal healing meditation?


Our meditations are channelled from the angelic realm and starseed beings to help you expand your consciousness and develop the ability to traverse the Cosmos. Each meditation offers you an opportunity to achieve a variety of objectives.


In this powerful healing guided meditation you will:-


  • Learn to release personal trauma so you can proceed on your path to ascension.
  • Access Atlantean Higher Light Frequencies for personal transformation in preparation for your ascension.
  • Experience total mind, body and spiritual relaxation
  • Release emotional and physical trauma
  • Experience a powerful energy balance
  • Access the Higher Heart Gateway and the ability to open and activate the inner healer.
  • Gain knowledge of how to quickly and easily heal yourself.
  • Discover how to reduce, even eliminate pain

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