74 Discovering Your Starseed & Walk-In Soul Origins – A Starseed Meditation MP3

74 Discovering Your Starseed & Walk-In Soul Origins – A Starseed Meditation MP3

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Do you feel as if you don’t belong here on earth?
Do you feel as if your home is elsewhere?
Do you feel you’re a walk-in?
Have you ever considered yourself completely different from your family to such a point, that perhaps at one time you may have even wondered if you were adopted because you are not like them at all?Do you find family or friends saying you have changed to such a degree that you are no longer who you used to be?Have you ever woken up and felt that you are someone completely different from who you were? If so, you could  be a Starseed or a ‘Walk-in’.This starseed guided meditation is a deep and powerful altered awareness experience which will help you to connect with your starseed spirit guides to discover your true origin, and what you need to fulfill in your current earthly purpose. Explore the possibility of being a Starseed with an earthly mission. Explore the possibility that you may be a walk-in with an earthly mission, before connecting with your starseed chamber for a powerful frequency realignment and re-energising session to shield you from Earth’s negative effects on your starseed frequencies. Expand your consciousness and connect with the higher guidance of the higher realms and discover how to access contentment, peace and bliss.What is the length of this Starseed guided meditations?This particular guided starseed meditation is 36 minutes long.How often should I listen to this Starseed meditation?


You can listen to any of our guided meditations as much as you like. We have some clients who find that repeating the sessions is really beneficial to their spiritual growth and helps to accelerate their psychic development and ascension process.

What time of day is best to listen to this Starseed guided meditation?

As this is a powerful altered state guided meditation, we would recommend you do this meditation when you are fully awake, this will ensure you do not fall asleep and miss out on valuable information regarding your soul’s origins and purpose.

What are the benefits of doing this Starseed meditation?

Our meditations are channelled from the angelic realm and starseed beings to help you expand your consciousness and develop the ability to traverse the Cosmos. Each meditation offers you an opportunity to achieve a variety of objectives. Learn how to transcend time and space. Connect with higher evolved beings for healing, guidance, support and comfort.  In this particular meditation you will benefit from: –

  • Discover if you are a starseed
  • Discover if you are a walk-in
  • Uncover your soul’s origin
  • Enhance your brains ability to connect with higher frequencies
  • Experience a greater sense of peace and fulfilment
  • Increase your inner awareness/intuitive abilities
  • Feel a deeper sense of protection from negative energies
  • Gain a more positive attitude and feeling of well-being
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase your sense of self-worth/self-esteem
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Sense of wonder and well-being
  • Develop a greater connection to your higher-self
  • Learn how to access the higher-realms for guidance, healing and support
  • Release yourself from old programming/stagnant energies
  • Gain a stronger connection with your starseed/spiritual family
  • Go beyond your current psychic level and advance your soul’s growth
  • Open the universal portals and connect with your soul
  • Experience transformation on all levels
  • Experience universal life force healing
  • A closer connection with the Divine
  • Experience a higher-altered state of consciousness
  • Access details about your soul’s origins
  • Discover the purpose of your current incarnation
  • Discover what you’re meant to learn from your relationship with your parents
  • Explore and experience the origin of your soul
  • Recharge your auras and chakras with a unique and high frequency, soul healing meditation
  • Gain greater clarity about who you are
  • Find inner peace with yourself
  • Increase your ability to navigate the world with ease
  • Access your innate talents and gifts
  • Uncover how to use your innate talents and gifts for greater success
  • Reduce your sense of isolation and separation

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