73 Sirian Light Activation & Healing Meditation MP3

73 Sirian Light Activation & Healing Meditation MP3

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Do you have a fear of change?
Do you have a fear of taking action?
Do you have a fear of your inner potential?
Do you fear letting go?

In this spiritual healing meditation, you will be taken through a Sirian Light Activation healing meditation to connect with the powerful energies of Sirius for an energy alignment to help you: –

  • Awaken completely to who you are.
  • Reconnect with your soul’s potential.
  • Remember the destiny your soul wishes to take you.

In this powerful Sirian Light Activation meditation, experience a pyramid of light healing session.
Connect with Thoth and Archangel Metatron. During the healing Sirian meditation, align with the energy essence of Sirius and access powerful spiritual energy for greater knowledge of your soul.

This spiritual light activation healing meditation will bring the Light of Consciousness into your energy fields thereby helping to free you from the world of fear, chaos and suffering. Connect with the magnificence of your soul.

The first part of this Sirian meditation is an energy purification process, to help you eradicate psychic debris and karmic influences that are interfering with your own life direction. This purification process will open your energy fields up to the unlimited potential of possibilities.

The second phase of this Sirian meditation mp3 will take you through the Sirius Sacred Flame of Initiation, this will enable you to access information about your soul’s purpose, it’s potential, what is currently needs to clear to ascend.

The third phase of this Sirian healing meditation will enable you time to experience healing whilst the attunement energies anchor themselves into your energy fields on all levels.


Most people believe that by having more money, more possessions, more status, they will find happiness and fulfilment. In truth, happiness and fulfilment comes from inner peace. This particular meditation will help you to: –

  • Understand the emotional baggage you are holding onto
  • Increase your ability to reach a deeper meditation
  • Enable you to recognise how to work with energy
  • Increase your ability to work with the energy of creation instead of attraction
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Release old programming that hinders you from attaining inner peace
  • Gain insight into who you truly are
  • Increase your ability to fulfil your soul’s purpose



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