71 Accessing Angelic Abundance – An Archangel Raziel Meditation MP3

71 Accessing Angelic Abundance – An Archangel Raziel Meditation MP3

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Connect with Archangel Raziel!

Experience an Angelic Attunement

In this Archangel Raziel meditation learn how to awaken and strengthen, your ability to manifest your desires.

Archangel Raziel guards the universes secrets. He is known for his Divine wisdom on celestial wisdom and earthly knowledge. He is the Chief of the Erelim (Sometimes called Ophanim or Auphanim). Archangel Raziel resides in the seventh heaven.

This Archangel Raziel guided meditation will help you to: –

Tap into your ability to co-create with God, light, the one-conscious energy.
Transform thought into physical reality.
Increase your sense of self-worth
Attract luck, success, happiness and abundance into your life.
Access your divine abundance
Experience inner peace and calm
Heal your blocks to abundance and success
Manifest your heart desires
Attune and align yourself to the natural flow of universal abundance.

This powerful meditation will help you navigate the energy frequencies that enable you to access the creative power of the angelic realm and universes.  Regular use of this meditation can yield you phenomenal results, are you ready to being living your dreams? If so, get your copy now!


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