68 Arcturian Light Healing Meditation MP3

68 Arcturian Light Healing Meditation MP3

SKU: MP31068

Experience Arcturian Healing.

Connect with powerful spiritual energies for intuitive transformation and multidimensional awakening.

This particular powerful healing meditation connect with this Arcturians for healing. If you have never experienced Arcturian Healing before, this Arcturian healing meditation will assist you in: –
In this powerful healing class you will:-

  • Releasing personal pain and block energies.
  • Experience Arcturian Higher Light Frequencies for personal transformation in preparation for your ascension.
  • Experience total mind, body and spiritual relaxation
  • Increase your ability to harmonise your energy fields
  • Experience a powerful energy balance
  • Access the Higher Heart Gateway to open and activate the inner ancient healer.
  • Gain knowledge of how to quickly and easily heal yourself.
  • Reduce even eliminate pain

This Arcturian healing meditation focuses upon helping you to learn how to heal and restore balance to all things created using light frequencies.


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