5D Opening – The Elohim Energy Healing Attunement

5D Opening – The Elohim Energy Healing Attunement


Are you finding yourself in situations of duality?

Are you seeing number synchronicity such as: –

1:1, 2, 22:22, 11:11?
If you have been looking for the key or way forward to reaching your next level of spiritual growth, this particular attunement is for you.
If so, the Elohim angelic realm are callling you and trying to tell you that you are experiencing a powerful spiritual new dawning, one where you are releasing the lower 3D physical energy influences and embracing the higher cosmic crystalline frequencies.

This particular attunement will help you to be more attuned with the Elohim so they can help you absorb new light codes to help you release emotional energy imprints which are blocking you from your full potential.

You may find at this time you are struggling to balance your male and female aspects, or be experiencing situations where you have to step into your power (masculine energies) and then step into your intuitive (Feminine energies).
Life for you at this time may be of polar opposites because you have now reached a level where you need, in order to ascend higher in your spiritual growth, to reopen and align with your 5D timeline so you can heal your emotional body.

The synchronicity of those numbers above, is your higher future self, calling for you to be prepared for a great shift in your earth’s journey. Learning to balance your power, work with higher light resonances and work with crystal resonances on a physical level is key to your transformation.

This particular attunement will: –

Align you with the Elohim for guidance, healing and support
Reduce polarity extremes, thereby creating greater harmony and balance in your life
Reopen and align you with your 5D time line
Enable the Elohim to encode you with platinum and gold light codes for your next phase of ascension and spiritual work.
Help you transform your carbon physical body into a crystalline light body
Heal your emotional body of blockages and imprints that work against you
Release old emotional patterns that no longer are needed
Release you from lower negative energies that resonate from the 3D matrix
Enable connection with your higher-self
Release karmic influences.


You will receive an order confirmation within 24 hours.

This attunement is sent by way of an energy orb attunement, you will receive full detailed instructions when your attunement has been prepared by Jill on how you can receive your attunement.


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