57 Archangel Gabriel – Manifesting Your Desire MP3

57 Archangel Gabriel – Manifesting Your Desire MP3

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You are always manifesting. Each and every thought you have creates an energy flow being sent out into the universe, which manifests and returns to you a like-for-like energy experience. Learn how to transform your life from strife to success.

Your thoughts are energies, and energies are magnetic. They will draw to you what you choose to believe in. Your thoughts and energy create your reality.

This is a wonderful example of how powerful you truly are, but when you don’t focus upon this inner power, and become consciously aware, you find yourself in a place of dis-empowerment. Discover how to enjoy an abundant life.

This wonderful meditation, Manifesting Your Desire, was given by Archangel Gabriel, through trance channel Jill Harrison, and is No.57 within the series of Angel Guided Meditations. This meditation helps you develop and maximise your strengths. It will help you move your focus from the outside influences to your own internal influences, so that you may learn to ‘choose’ your experiences, and enjoy new levels of love and abundance.

Recognising how your own low level thoughts negatively affect your life is the first powerful step towards changing your experiences. Overcome negative thinking and speaking.

Archangel Gabriel steps forward, aligning you to his energies, in this deeply relaxing and uplifting meditation. Through a series of energy cleanses, he helps remove those blocks you have in believing in your own greatness.

The power of this meditation lies in connecting you to the power of your emotions. Your emotions are the seat of creation, and how you feel is a very good pre-cursor to what you are currently manifesting and drawing towards you.

Manifesting with intent requires you to have heart, to have conviction. It requires you to feel centred and focusedupon that which you wish to attain.

It is your ability to focus and have belief in the manifesting principle, which enables positive manifestations to occur. Feel it within your being, that all things are possible for those who hold the belief within themselves.

Archangel Gabriel wants you to understand that you are infinate potential, creating and unfolding at all times. He urges you to find joy; seek to see humour, not sorrow; commit to choosing love, not fear, not hate.

Commit to the goal of feeling good, and continue to remind yourself that when you feel good, you energetically attract goodness into your life.

Make your emotions work for you, not against you, and begin manifesting your deepest desires.


1. Introduction   Glenn   –  04:05
2. Meditation   Glenn   –   21:21
3. Meditation   Jill   –  25:18


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