51 Akhenaten – Healing in the Pyramids of Light MP3

51 Akhenaten – Healing in the Pyramids of Light MP3

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For those with a desire to work with spirit, there is a large degree of self healing that one has to embrace, to ensure that physically, mentally and emotionally, you are as pure a channel as possible.

For the first time ever, we have been given access to the immense healing energies from the healing pyramids of light, of ancient Egypt. This is meditation no 51 within the series of trance-channelled angel guided meditations, from Avatara, Jill Harrison.

The Pharoah, Akhenaten, brings a very powerful healing meditation, Healing in the Pyramids of Light, allowing you to be cleansed and healed on many levels.

You will be guided to three pyramids, offering three aspects of healing to embrace.

The first is an opportunity to stand before the Scales of Justice. The scales will show you whether or not, spiritually, you are in balance; to know if you still have spiritual debts to repay, or whether you can work upon manifesting that which you desire.

The second gives you an opportunity to connect with the mighty energies of Archangel Michael, and to work with his colour of deep, electric, sapphire blue. The physical and emotional healing he offers you will bring strength to your body and soul, to remind you to always try your best to be congruent with what you spiritually know to be true, and that you speak the words of truth. To speak words of wisdom and words of strength; but also to wield the sword….the tongue, in love.

The third pyramid brings the gift of further healing, using the green emerald, healing colour and a golden dodecahedronto remove any cellular memory of inflammation and pain.

The energy of the golden dodecahedron, working with your third eye, brings the gift of ilumination; the gift of positivity and the gift of hope.

Choose to invest in your spiritual growth and pathway. Recognise that in order to help heal the world, one must heal one’s self.

This wonderful meditation will assist you in awakening to the truth; to see through the illusion of our third-dimensional reality.

Recognise that, to move along the pathway of life, you have to be able to see all things, including beyond the physical. This gift of healing and illumination, will allow you to see behind the facade of the human face; to resonate and understand the emotion behind what is beind said.

Choose truth, love and light.


1. Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
2. Meditation  –  Glenn   26:44
3. Meditation  – Jill   28:47


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