48 Mary Magdalene – Activating Your Third Eye MP3

48 Mary Magdalene – Activating Your Third Eye MP3

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This is the second of two dedicated trance-channelled Angel Guided Meditations, focusing on Third Eye Activation. For this, Ascended Master Mary Magdalene steps forward to connect with you.

Your personal development remains your own responsibility, and it is important to consider your spiritual growth as the most important element in your evolution, whilst here in the physical.

This is a very in-depth meditation, requiring much focus and committment on your part, but the reward is learning the ancient art of activating the 3rd eye, and bringing a deeper connection to spirit, your spirit guides, and the Angelic Realm.

Mary Magdalene teaches the importance of using the figure of 8; the infinity symbol, as a means of Third Eye Activation. She takes you through a wonderful sequence of colour and energy rituals, utilising the energies of your own Guardian Angel, Lord Sananda, The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and Archangel Michael, to help you build a vortex of energy; an Angelic love energy.

It is this love energy which you can use to cleanse and negate any negative energies from your environment; from people, to Mother Earth.

This powerful meditation offers you an Angelic blessing, the light of consciousness and Divine Will. 

Part of your spiritual growth is to recognise and act as a beacon of light for those who are in need of hope, salvation; those who live in fear.

It is in acknowledgement of your service to humanity and spirit, that Mary Magdalene offers to activate within you the abilities that you have always had, to see , feel and hear spirit; connecting you to the Central Sun, the Earth Mother, the Cosmos energy and the Holy Spirit.

The Angelic Realm are proud and honoured that each of you have chosen to work for spirit in your own way, however that may be. Never judge yourself by what others do, just feel the light they offer you today, the Angelic light of love, the Divine light.

Know that you can make a difference in this world; not only for yourselves, but your children, and your children’s children.

Speak of your passion; speak of your love for spirit and God, but also recognise that those who are on a different pathway from you, have to go through what they have chosen. It is the time when it is right for them; for they have chosen when they will awaken.

Allow and feel the Cosmic and Earth energies with which you will connect, to be an aspect of your daily life. Commit to focusing and practising upon Activating the Third Eye, and enjoy new levels of awareness.

Important***Please note that due to the length of this meditation, it has only been recorded by Glenn Harrison. This meditation only offers a male voice version and NOT a female version.


1. Introduction   –   Glenn   04:05
2. Pre Med Message   –   Glenn and Jill   10:18
3. Meditation   –   Glenn    33:52


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