37 Archangel Michael – Psychic Protection MP3

37 Archangel Michael – Psychic Protection MP3

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In this amazing Archangel Michael Psychic Protection guided meditation MP3 you will connect with Archangel Michael who will give you the tools and the methods required to powerfully protect yourself from negative people, thought forms, vibrations and psychic attack.

It was Archangel Metatron who informed us that the many new energies being integrated into our planet will bring upheaval and adjustment on every level as balance must be found.

These energies will also greatly affect humans profoundly, and it is because of this that Archangel Michael urges us to realise the importance of becoming the spiritual warrior, and awakening within us the strength that was given to us by Divine right.

Archangel Michael is one of only two Archangels to be named in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions.

In all of these religions, Michael is always depicted to be working towards peace and harmony, forever on call, for the battle of ‘good against evil’. Some also believe Archangel Michael is the ‘weigher of souls’.

The name ‘Michael’ is interpreted to mean ‘who is like God’, ‘who is as God’, or ‘who is like unto the Lord’ , and if you look at the way in which artists depict Archangel Michael, you will often find him carrying a sword, or the scales of justice.

Archangel Michael will assist you with:-

  • Strength
  • Support
  • Spiritual/light work
  • Courage
  • Transformation
  • Truth
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Direction
  • Negativity

The journey along the spiritual pathway will often cause you discomfort, and some of your experiences will, at times, test your emotional strengths and your physical strengths. This is all part of the human experience.

In this wonderful guided meditation MP3, Archangel Michael will guide you to his white temple, his training ground for spiritual warriors, to allow you to connect to his energies and to give you practical steps to shield yourself from all things negative.

1  Introduction – Glenn  04:05
2  Pre-Med Notes – Glenn  00:47
3  Meditation – Glenn  32:51
4  Meditation – Jill  38:39

This is a time to embrace your greatness, to know yourself and God, by always speaking your truth.

Open yourself up to personal development and empowerment, and the knowingness that we all have the tools required to see through this period of change into a new age, a new understanding and a new belief.


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