32 Lord Kuthumi – Mastering Your Energy Field MP3

32 Lord Kuthumi – Mastering Your Energy Field MP3

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In this beautiful trance-channelled guided meditation, Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi will guide you towards becoming a master of your own energy field . This is a truly unique meditation in that Lord Kuthumi brings you a most insightful pre and post meditation lesson

We are all energy, and it is this force field of energy which is us, and comes from within us, that we must all learn to master. Once you learn and understand your ability to change your energies and energy fields consciously, you can control what happens within you and without you, because our energies represent what we as individuals send out into the world; be it love, healing, compassion and positivism.

We must focus on our service to humanity, our willingness to serve and the role we each play. This is about connecting with all that is, so that you become the light where there is darkness.

It is hard to stay positive in this often negative environment but this is our quest, and Lord Kuthumi comes forth to remind us of our infinite power and that there is no limitation to what we can consciously create. 

Changing the way you think and act begins with one step.

Be the Lightworker that you are and work towards the greater good of all.

Please Note: This meditation is a LIVE recording of Jill Harrison Trance-Channeling at one of our spiritual salon meetings. Because of this, the recording for some of this meditation is not of studio quality, and you may occasionally hear background noises, noises made by the audience, or variability in the audio volume. Despite these minor quality issues, we believe that the content is of such relevance and importance, that we have taken the decision to produce and make available these teachings to those interested in furthering their spiritual growth.

1    Introduction  –  Glenn    04:06
2    About Live Trance-Channelling   –  Glenn    02:13
3    Pre Meditation Notes  –  Jill    19.57
4    Meditation   –  Jill    20:47
5    Post Meditation Notes  –  Jill    09:28


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