27 Lord El Morya – Weight Loss Meditation MP3

27 Lord El Morya – Weight Loss Meditation MP3

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Do you constantly struggle to lose or control your weight? Release the burden and the worry, and allow Ascended Master Lord El Morya to show you the real reason for your weight gain.

El Morya advises, how important it is for those who truly wish to make changes, to have patience, persistence and intent. And this he says, is to truly have the intent and desire to change your body shape, and commit to regular use of this meditation.

Of course, it is only when you know the cause, that you can work on the cure, and El Morya will help you to understand why you are the weight you are. Using this wonderful mediation regularly, will help curb your need to over-eat, freeing you from negative eatingpatterns. He will help you to recognise the true reason as to why you sabotage yourself. He will assist you in holding focus, and seeing yourself like you would like to be.

Lord El Morya can help you lose weight, enabling  you to raise your confidence and self esteem.  He will guide you gently, but purposely through the emotions you attach to different foods, and how they make you feel.

The most important love, is self love, so it is important to remove the blockages which prevent this from being your truth, so that you release the need to eat for comfort.  Work on the real cause of your weight gain. Let go of the old and discover a new you, and start to really feel good about yourself.

1. Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
2. Pre Med Notes  –  Glenn   01:25
3. Meditation  –  Glenn   34:45
4. Meditation  –  Jill   31:56


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