23 Mary Magdalene – Crystal Cavern Healing MP3

23 Mary Magdalene – Crystal Cavern Healing MP3

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In this beautiful angel  guided meditation with Mary Magdalene, you will work on developing your heart chakra, before meeting with your own personal dolphin, who is waiting to take you to the crystal cavern beneath the ocean, with the Sea People, for healing of the lower limbs.

Mary Magdalene will take you through a cleansing process, which will not only open your heart chakra; but will help you to release any past programming that causes it to be afraid to fully open.

She will help you to release energy blockages, which prevent you from moving forward on your physical journey. 

Experience a most wonderful feeling as she moves energy through your lower limbs, cleansing the blood and rejuvenating your legs, removing the emotional restrictions that are stopping you from flowing with life.

This meditation is beneficial in helping those who have difficulty giving, or receiving love; trust issues, and for those who have health-related issues with their hips, legs and feet. Let go and enjoy. Truly wonderful.


  • Introduction  –  Glenn  04:05
  • Meditation  –  Glenn  35:34
  • Meditation  –  Jill  30:28

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