22 Lord Melchizedek – Ascension Chakra Re-generation

22 Lord Melchizedek – Ascension Chakra Re-generation

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Connect with Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek in this guided meditation to help maintain a healthy chakra system and raise the vibrational levels of all the chakras to help move you closer to ascension. This is a trance-channelled meditation directly from the angelic realm.

In order to have optimum health and vitality it is necessary to have the chakras stabilised and working at optimum speed, and you will be taken step by step through each chakra to awaken and energise them.

While orthodox medicine describes our physical system in terms of chemistry, what is now understood is that for any chemical action to take place, a change in the electromagnetic energy of the body must occur, This energy emanates from the mind and explains the importance of the mind-body link to our physical, emotional and mental health.

A smooth, steady flow of energy through the chakra system ensures a healthy aura, in turn indicating a body clear from dis-ease.

Cleansing and clearing is an essential part of preparing oneself for ascension, and this is cleansing and clearing on all levels. It is only when you emanate the vibrational frequencies of love within the whole of your body, and to all things, that you will be able to ascend. Only then can enlightenment be yours.

We know that the key to creating inner harmony and balance, is meditation, so allow this  wonderfully relaxing meditation to achieve integration, balance and alignment in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.


  • Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
  • Chakra Regeneration  –  Glenn  01:43
  • Meditation  –  Glenn  31:21
  • Meditation  –  Jill  30:45

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