04 – Archangel Uriel – Angelic Emotional Healing

04 – Archangel Uriel – Angelic Emotional Healing


Module 4 – Archangel Uriel – Angelic Emotional Healing Ascension Codes

Learn how to attune yourself to Archangel Uriel. Discover the many roles Archangel Uriel has and how you can utilise Archangel Uriel’s energies to heal yourself and others. In this particular module we will look at using energies to heal emotional issues both karmic, hereditary and personally. You will learn how to use the ascension codes to unlock and release blockages within your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Experience Archangel Uriel Healing, plus a powerful angelic attunement and healing meditation that will help you take another step up in your own spiritual growth

Connect with the angelic ream for healing, awakening and transformative change. This module is a powerful and transformational consciousness expansion awakening experience for those who desire a greater connection with their angels.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your own spiritual and human transformation journey, download this module today.

The objectives of this programme is to assist you in attuning, communicating and channelling with the different Archangels, so you can reconnect with your true life purpose, by learning how to communicate and receive information at a deep soul level, for the purpose of spiritual growth and ascension.


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