02 Archangel Michael Meditation Protection MP3

02 Archangel Michael Meditation Protection MP3

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In our Archangel Michael Protection Guided Meditation, meet with Archangel Michael and let him help you remove and release, any emotional baggage you have accumulated, whilst being earthbound. Take a spiritual journey and meet Archangel Michael. This Archangel Michael meditation will help you to contact Archangel Michael for healing, strength, protection and support.


This particular Archangel Michael meditation will help you:-

  • Remove your fears and doubts.
  • Remove anxiety.
  • Reduce panic attacks.
  • Gain focus.
  • Become empowered
  • Understand and connect with your authentic self
  • Eliminate overthinking
  • Reduce feelings of helplessness
  • Protect yourself from negativity
  • Increase your ability to ground yourself
  • Boost your ability to manifest
  • Embrace the vibrational energies of strength, truth, faith and belief

Are you unsure of how to meditate? You will find this Archangel Michael guided meditation a wonderful tool. Many people are unsure of how to meditate in the beginning. Firstly, we recommend the best way to enjoy a guided meditation, is to sit somewhere comfortable, where you won’t be disturbed and just listen to the healing meditation with your eyes closed. Just as you would, if you were listening to an audio book. Therefore allowing the information to connect with you through feeling, imagination or visualisation.

In any guided meditation, just listen, don’t try too hard to visualise, or feel something. For example, the more relaxed you are, the better the results will be. Regular practice with guided meditations is a great way to improve your ability to mediate with ease. This Archangel Michael meditation enables you to experience angelic communication in an easy to follow way.

When to work with Archangel Michael?

People often are unsure of which Archangel to call on, however Archangel Michael is the Archangel who can bring you powerful healing and support, when you feel overwhelmed. For example, any time you need support, this meditation will assist you in connecting with Archangel Michael. This means that using this guided meditation, you develop an energy connection to Archangel Michael so that he is there for you always,  particularly if you’re…

  • Feeling emotionally or physically vulnerable.
  • Away from home and you wish to protect your loved ones or property.
  • Find yourself in an emergency, e.g. your car has broken down and your stranded.
  • Feeling nervous and out of your depth.
  • Unable to move on from past relationships/situations.
  • In need of becoming more empowered, assertive and confident.

If any of the above relate to you, or your loved ones, Archangel Michael will do whatever is possible to bring you angelic guidance and protection.

Archangel Michael will help you with:-

  • Feeling more empowered.
  • Overcoming any blocks in your life.
  • Increasing feelings of strength and courage.
  • Speaking your truth in an assertive manner.
  • Developing the energy to take action.
  • Accessing greater clarity in your decision making.
  • Being protected from negative energies.
  • Overcoming feelings of martyrdom.
  • Developing a stronger relationship St. Michael the Archangel

Archangel Michael is resposible for us learning truth, integrity and power. He helps us to develop our inner knowing and the spiritual worlds. Learn how to invoke Archangel Michael’s loving protective energy today, with this powerful step-by-step guided meditation.


  • Introduction  Glenn  –  04:05
  • Meditation  Glenn  – 20:17
  • Meditation  Jill  – 24:34

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