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Multiversal Consciousness Upgrade 11-11-22 - Be Prepared


On 11-11-2022, there will be a multiversal energy upgrade from the central sun, which will ricochet throughout the multiverse. The changes we all face on a cosmic and galactic level are indeed monumental. In particular, this upgrade will bring many changes in the understanding of the soul on a quantum level.

For those who have not fully awakened, it will be a day of cleansing and balancing. Auric fields will be upgraded to assist the physical body in balancing the meridian and chakra energy fields in the hope that we will see a greater balance between the male and female energies within each of us. There has been too much division, and for greater perspective and understanding, these two aspects will merge and be upgraded.

In many civilisations, not just on planet Earth, there have been swings in polarity where power is concerned. Whether it is the power of self or others, for creation to move forward, there has to be a shifting of consciousness and perspective away from power and for it to be transformed into benevolence.

For millennia, humanity has failed to be able to find balance. Divine Masculinity was the norm for a long time, and then as the Divine Feminine began to balance this out, instead of merging with the divine masculine to bring balance, harmony and unity, it has merely transformed to replace the divine masculine. Humanity has failed to live in balance with planet Earth. The balance between logic and the spiritual has failed to be embraced. It is hoped that as the multiversal energy upgrade begins to anchor itself into all of creation, it will enhance the future evolution of life for all. Earth is not the only planet which is struggling; whilst many planetary inhabitants are more evolved than humans, there are still others who are not as evolved as humanity and significantly need assistance at this time.

For those of you who are more awakened, we are calling for all of you to work with us to amplify through intention collective healing and transformation. The multiversal soul light membrane that unites everything in a light consciousness matrix will begin to resonate with a new higher light frequency over the coming 12 months, it offers humanity a chance for heart-to-heart unification. Earth is facing a time of great change, and yet, it is a time for the earth to move into a period of peace and harmony collectively. This will be felt on an individual soul level and a collective conscious level. How quickly this can unfold greatly depends on those of you, who are open to working with us to usher in this multiversal change. You can learn how to join us here.

On a personal level, it is your own opportunity to attune to the cosmic forces and planet Earth and work on your own personal transformation. Transformation that will happen on a photon level. If you choose to join us, we will, through intention, increase the wavelengths of photon energy to bring about a radical shift to create balance with the codes of creation and, as a collective force of energy, help uplift the light-conscious energy of all creation. This is something we are doing collectively with the Star Nation Councils of Light. It is a unique opportunity to join your Starseed brothers and sisters to combine our efforts in support of the multiverse consciously.

Do you have to join us? No, you do not. These energy upgrades will take place with or without your input, but they will, however, take a longer time to anchor themselves within the multiverse. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to enhance your own world’s resonance. It is an opportunity for you to bring into your energy fields and into your homes, villages, towns, cities, and country powerful healing and loving energies to uplift and address the imbalance humanity has been struggling with for too long.

The long-term benefit of this upgrade is to help bring in a greater flow of understanding and communication on a soul level and an external level. To step into higher consciousness, one has to learn to resonate with goodwill to all others. Many of you will now begin to awaken to a more profound need to see the connectivity between all living things.

You are moving into a time of refocusing on the importance of community, sharing resources, and coming together in unity. Humanity is in great need of learning to offer assistance to one another without the need to be repaid in kind. The future of humanity hangs on it learning to be kind, tolerant and compassionate. We understand you cannot like all the people all of the time, but you can be kind and understanding to those who have a different outlook or way of being. This new upgrade will open your hearts, so communication between you all is more open and balanced.

On 10 November 2022, the energies from the central sun will begin to feed into the multiversal light membrane, and they will begin to filter into planet Earth’s auric field on November 11 2022. The birthing of these energies will be overseen by the angelic realms. It is a perfect time for you to commune with divine higher light beings, and it is the perfect time to prepare yourself for the energy upgrade.

To assist humanity further, we offer to you all an opportunity for an individual chakra soul consciousness membrane analysis so you know what intentions and soul requests to ask for on 11 November. These are offered with love and gratitude. They are for those of you who wish to clear, heal and advance your soul’s awakening. Guidance will be offered on how to align your physical energy chakra points 1 through to 7, your higher-self energy chakra points 8 through to 15, and your divine soul presence energy chakra points 16 through to 22. This will deeply resonate with you if you are meant to receive this information.



Click on the links below for details about the following Algalithian offerings: -

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Individual Chakra Soul Consciousness Membrane Analysis

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