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Algalithian Psychic Energy Reading

Look at the image below, select JUST ONE image that resonates with you and then below find the corresponding number to receive your Algalithian Psychic Energy Reading.

Once you've read your reading, please leave a comment if you enjoyed your reading. Also, be sure to share this page with your social media friends.

1) Your energy levels and vibration are in a process of upgrading and transforming. Be prepared to experience waves of energy and feelings of expansion happening in and around you. Aligned with the Algalithian healers, you are ready now to begin connecting to new portals and star gateways for further knowledge and training. Being able to see energy in all its various forms, being drawn to the stars, feeling very centred is how you are beginning your new life. Don’t be afraid to be intuitively guided when healing yourself or others.

2) Your life is about to change for the better. Those habits that have hindered you for years are about to be removed. Your cellular structure and how you channel energies will mean you are unable to tolerate anything that does not suit you. This means if you used to over-eat, you will find you are physically unable to do this, as your metabolic rate adjusts to the new higher frequencies that are being channelled through you. Everything that unfolds is preparing you for a longer, happier and easier life experience. Be prepared for great changes and embrace the elimination process that is about to unfold before you.

3) You are deeply connected to the Earth’s Crystalline Grid. Major transformational shifts are taking place within the Crystalline Grid of your planet, your universe and the multi-universal Crystalline Grids. This may affect your timing, however, know it is helping you to see and perceive things in a new light. You will be strongly affected by energy changes in and around you, as you become aware of the illusion of time. This means you may experience periods of light-headedness, feeling faint or fluctuations in hearing energy tones. Do not panic, this is merely you connecting with different Multi-Universal frequencies and should pass relatively quickly. This may happen to you because we are in the process of rebooting many of the Crystalline grids, which means you will finally release yourself from the past, as linear time ceases to exist. You are on the brink of writing a new timeline, this gives you ample opportunity to make a positive impact on how your life unfolds and is experienced. Your relationship with the past will change, as you now move forward planting seeds of peace, contentment and compassion. Working with crystals will greatly benefit you at this time, as you help planet Earth to eradicate the old energy and embrace the new higher fractal intuitive crystalline energies.

4) A time of awakening and recalibration is upon you, you wonder what is coming, but dear one, remember you already know what you are doing. You began a journey; your spirit deep within you knows who you are, and how to support itself. It is time to become the channel of your higher mind, your higher-self and realise you are not alone. Spirit and your angels are standing in line waiting to show you the magnificence that awaits you in the realm of spirit. Stop pretending you cannot channel, be still, very still and allow spirit to talk to you and allow the telepathic impressions, conversations to guide you.

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