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  • Abundance Mindset

    How to manifest with east
    Valable 12 mois
    • Video Master Class Programme
    • Developing an abundance mindset manuals
    • Guided Meditations
    • Special section: How to manifest a lottery win
  • Populaire

    AngelMessenger Class Library 1

    Tous les mois
    • Spiritual Development Classes - Learn At A Pace To Suit You
    • Access to online video classes
    • Improve your intuitive abilities
    • Uncover how to work with the spirit world
    • Establish a deeper connection with your guides and angels
    • Explore how to channel
    • Understand the importance of chakra's and healing
    • Test your dowsing skills
  • Growth Library

    Tous les mois
    Online personal and spiritual development Library
    • Unlimited ebooks for personal and spiritual growth
  • Soul Core Matrix

    • Access to Soul Core Matrix Programme
  • Totally Tarot

    Tous les mois
    Psychic/Tarot Guidance & Learning.
    • One personal psychic/tarot guidance question a month
    • Access to psychic messages
    • Understand the symbols you keep seeing
    • Understand the spirit messages in numbers
    • Tips on how to recognise spirit are communicating with you.
    • Exercises to help you develop your own psychic abilities.
    • Access to tarot development online learning classes
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