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Lord Sananda DNA Forgiveness Attunement.

Rated: 5 Stars

Becky P,

California, USA

Thank you, Lord Sananda, Divine Mother and Divine Father for this Blessed attunement.  It was exactly what I needed at this point along my path.  To enter into this with reverence is so important.  I did not realize the fullness of that until the 5th day.  I feel it was because it took that many days for me to fully allow myself to be forgiven so that the more subtle levels of connection could begin. For me, it is easier to forgive another than to forgive myself.   I am so thankful for this and the opportunity to make a deeper connection with the Divine Trinity.

Ascended Master Melchizedek Inner Earth Energy Healing - Telos 5D Light Attunements

Claire McKenzie

Dundee, Scotland

Rated - 5/5


Super super powerful attunements. This attunement created such a strong presence of awareness for me. It was like I was held in a womb, I felt such love, such connection, the stillness and divine peace and love was out of this world. It has really helped me to get clear about myself, my reality and I can feel divine love spilling from my heart like a waterfall, this attunement is really life-changing so if you're in doubt about it, don't be, this was fabulous. You need to set aside five days to do this but well worth it. You won't be disappointed.

Archangel Metatron Meditation - Meeting Your Guardian Angel MP3

Petra Worth

Bournemouth, UK

Rating - 5/5

I have never really connected to my guardian angel until today. Often when meditating I think I feel my angels but now i no the real difference since doing this meditation.
It was amazing and it made me cry thanks to you I now definitely believe in angels cos i have felt mine and i now do this every night it has really hel;ped me to develp a relationship with my angel and i now can feel my angel with me during the ady too.