Starseed Parallel Guidance

Starseed Parallel Guidance

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Understand your Starseed history.

Discover what karmic and parallel patterns and lessons you are working through in your life at this time.

This Starseed channelled reading will help you if you are seeking a deeper understanding of your soul for personal illumination and transformation.

This starseed guidance reading will reveal the ancient starseed patterns that may be hindering you, and what you need to do to further your own awakening.

  • Understand your star connections
  • Unlock your soul's awareness
  • Discover how to apply your soul's ancient wisdom in your present life.
  • Access information that offers you an opportunity for exceptional growth
  • Understand your place in the cosmos
  • Uncover some of the parallel lives you are experiencing at this time

This is a very deep reading for those people ready to rise above the mundane spiritual reading and enter the deeper matrix information of the soul. It offers you an opportunity to access soul information that you didn't feel was possible. 

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