Starseed Expansion – Soul Connections

Starseed Expansion – Soul Connections

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In these Starseed spiritual development webinar, we will be exploring our soul’s connection to various Starbeings for healing and ascension acceleration.

Each webinar will consist of exploring what each star being race has experienced, and the lessons we can learn from our star being brothers and sisters. You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to create crystal portals to work with the energies of these star beings, along with powerful Soul Connection Attunements to accelerate your own soul’s potential.

Learn which Starseed energies influence you and how these stellar influences affect your own human potential. Experience Starseed healing and starseed ascension acceleration. Accelerate your Starseed spiritual development, experience starseed attunements that help you feel a greater sense of who you are and how to fulfil your starseed mission.


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