Star-Seed Gateway Programme

Star-Seed Gateway Programme


Are you seeking to gain a deeper insight into ‘self’?

Discover how to release belief systems that hold you back and open the door to the awakened self. This starseed programme will help you become a catalyst of change.

If you have spent your life feeling constrained, that you possessed no energy, time or space in which to create change and you desire to move away from inner and outer conflict then this programme will help you to: –

Unlock your life purpose.
Discover what is relevant for your soul’s growth.
Create new realities of ‘Self’.
Move into peace and away from conflict/stress and anxiety of 3D living.
Access high-frequency consciousness for psychic and intuitive awareness to help you with physical, earthly living.
Are you a Starseed?

If you have felt or experienced the following, then the likelihood of you being a Starseed is very high: –

Don’t feel you belong here.
Are completely different to your human family.
Highly sensitive to environmental energies.
Very creative/imaginative/intuitive.
Drawn to looking at the stars at night.
Drawn to water.
Have an affinity with Dolphins/Whales.
Find it hard to settle anywhere.
Find it hard to relate to the world around you.
What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a soul who originates from a different planet, universe or non-physical dimension. Most Starseeds have abilities that most humans don’t possess, such as telepathy, channelling, high IQs.

Many Starseeds come to the Earth plane to assist in evolution of the human species and raise spiritual awareness. Starseeds are the guardians of planet Earth and the human species.

Starseed’s are beings who are drawn to teach, lead, inspire, heal, enlighten and create change on a greater scale than just on a personal level. A Starseed soul is not happy unless it is helping others in some capacity.

As the Earth is now experiencing the Ascension process, many Starseeds need to reconnect to their home, to help them attain a greater sense of identity, so they can understand why they are are on planet Earth, and what they need to learn to grow. When a Starseed incarnates onto the Earth plane, the experience they have chosen, is called a ‘Life Mission’.

Here are some of the other symptoms that could indicate you are a Starseed:-

Deeply drawn to study and experience spirituality in many forms.
May dream or recall life experiences on different planets.
May have had Extra-Terrestrial visitations.
Enjoy science fiction.
Connect and feel the pain of others deeply, particularly animals.
Feel uncomfortable within the physical body.
Often experience synchronicity.
Feeling you’re here to do something special, but don’t know what.
May suffer with self-destructive thoughts/acts.
Tend to be a loner.
Have great difficulty putting down roots.
How These Modules can help you:-
These Modules are a very hands-on, experiential on-line class, designed to:

Re-connect you with your Starseed identity, and help you embrace those skills, to feel more fulfilled.
Help you reconnect to your Starseed gateway, so feel a sense of belonging, and to access healing and balancing energies.
Connect to your personal Starseed guides, for support and guidance.
Open your sensitivity channels for greater spiritual insight.
Explore the different Starseed realms through powerful meditation attunements.
These are powerful sessions – suitable for anyone with a passion to develop themselves psychically and spiritually.

When you are not in alignment with your own energies, it is possible to suffer with some of the following issues:-

Ringing in the ears, often diagnosed as tinnitus.
Tingling, goose-bumps, regular surges of energy.
Waves of emotion that overwhelm you.
Intolerant to foods/drinks/drugs.
Anxiety attacks.
Feeling a deep sense of separateness.
Struggling with feelings of guilt.
May be labelled with psychiatric/mental health/behavioural disorders.

​Video 1 – Opening your soul-star portal
Video 2 – Opening your soul blue print portal
Video 3 – Opening your cosmic-star portal
Video 4 – Activating the Starseed self for protection & healing
Video 5 – Aligning your multi-dimensional energy chakra fields
Video 6 – Expanding your consciousness/opening to be able to channel
Video 7 – Accessing Chiron Starseed gateway
Video 8 – Accessing Orion Starseed gateway / Orion attunement session and self-exploration/channelling
Video 9 – Accessing Arcturian Starseed gateway / Arcturian attunement and healing session
Video 10 – Accessing Sirian Starseed gateway / healing attunement session and self-exploration/channelling
Video 11 – Accessing Pleiadian Starseed gateway / Pleiadian attunement for self-exploration/channelling
These videos give you lots of time to experience new energy frequencies that will help you to awaken, heal, evolve and transform your soul. As you go through each Starseed gateway, you will be able to realign and re-balance your physical and subtle bodies. These energies offer you a change to heal deep emotional wounds, genetic weaknesses, and shift you to higher levels of frequency and consciousness, to expand your psychic abilities.

Each different Starseed gateway will help you to release your fears and confusion of living in a third-dimensional reality. It will help you to break through illusions and restrictions that have been placed in and around you. You will be able to explore your natural potential, without judgement or fear, and use these experiences to help you attain self-mastery of life on the Earth plane. These modules unite science with spirituality.

As you explore each gateway, you will experience different sensations in your physical or emotional planes. As each gateway opens, you will be able to experience and connect with the energetic qualities and wisdom of higher conscious beings, as you enter alternate realities.

Embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and healing.
Buy this fabulous life altering webinar programme.


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