Spiritual Path Reading

Spiritual Path Reading



From the moment you're born, your spiritual needs, lessons and experiences are set in stone.

Discover what forces are guiding you along your pathway. Learn how to be in harmony with your spiritual destiny instead of working against it.  This astrology reading will help you to identify and understand those characteristics that define your soul, when you understand your spiritual path, you will discover the keys to achieving harmony, joy and fulfilment..

Discover: -

  • Energy imbalances between your inner spiritual being and your physical life.
  • How to express your true spiritual self.
  • Identify and acknowledge the characteristics that define your soul.

This astrology reading does not attempt to define your spiritual goals, or offer philosophical opinions about what they should be. This reading gives you a look "inside." It provides an unbiased perspective on the characteristics that define who you are on a spiritual level. More importantly it gives you a clear understanding of how you can best nurture and develop those characteristics that enhance your progress towards spiritual maturity.

Regardless of whether you acknowledge or deny spirituality in your life - it is present. To recognise your own personal expressions of this force can bring a sense of immeasurable confidence and inner peace. This is an important reading for if you desire to be a better version of yourself and improve your life.


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