Soul Crystal Skull Channelled Reading

Soul Crystal Skull Channelled Reading

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Need to know who to work with, and which crystals will help you accelerate your own soul's growth?

In this channelled reading, I will channel guidance from my own crystal skulls and the angelic realm, to help you understand your current Oversoul Energies and how you can unlock your chakra chambers using crystals to accelerate your soul's growth. Deep within each chakra are chambers that hold past, present and future soul information. This information will be more accessible by using the healing and vibrational energies of crystals.

You will be guided on how to make your own powerful crystal Oversoul attunement set, to enable you to access and unleash the fullness of your own psychic abilities.

Learn which crystals will enhance your soul's unfoldment. Gain greater light on your on your own soul's path, your energetic resonances and how to connect to the cast network of angels, higher dimensional light beings and Ascended Masters.

If you have been looking for a way to reconnect to the wisdom of your soul's past, this channelled reading will help you by providing you with the right crystals for your soul, along with a sacred geometry crystal grid so you can create your own oversoul crystal temple of light to usher in new energies for spiritual evolution and greater connection to the divine.

All of the crystals recommend will assist you in healing, clearing and balancing your soul's energy fields so that you can achieve a unified light-body.


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