Soul Angel Reading - Trance Channel Reading

Soul Angel Reading - Trance Channel Reading


Discover which Archangels were present at your birth and which archangels energies over-light you in this lifetime to help you with your life purpose and why.

In this angel reading discover the Archangels and the qualities which they are imbuing you with, and how it can help you feel and live a more fulfilled life.

Discover Which Archangel Energies You're Channelling and Why

Within this trance channel reading, for each angel that is assigned to you, you will receive a personal message from them along with the best times and dates when you can feel and connect with them more strongly for support and guidance. Understand how each archangel relates to you and how you can master what it is your soul came here to do.

Want to know your life purpose?
Want to know what you're meant to learn?

If you have always wondered which Archangel is the right one for you and how to work with them, this reading will help you recognise and learn about those archangels which watch over you in this lifetime.

Within this lifetime you have been assigned a master Archangel whose virtues you are meant to embody and master. Learn how to anchor into the physical world these angelic virtues.

Assisting you on an emotional level, another Archangel was assigned and charged with helping you to emotionally anchor these virtues into your being and support you with the challenges that you face. On a mental level another Archangel was charged with the responsibility of helping you mentally understand and prepare yourself for the lessons learning the virtues you chose.

Give yourself a leading edge in mastering this lifetime and book your soul angel reading today.

This trance channel reading will be emailed to you and is delivered in a pdf written format.


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