Selenite Healing Wands (Round Ends)

Selenite Healing Wands (Round Ends)

SKU: CSW1003

Beautiful Natural Selenite Rounded Healing Wand


  • Reiki
  • Crystal Healing
  • Meditation
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Connection to the angelic realm particularly Archangel Gabriel
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eases headaches & migraines

As each Selenite wand is a natural product and hand crafted. Each piece sold is unique and can vary slightly in size, appearance and measurements are given as a rough guide only.

Experience the calming effects of Selenite. Because Selenite is a high frequency crystal, it helps you clear your mind and being a sense of peace and calm to your own energy fields.

You can use this Selenite wands to help balance, clear and align your crown chakra to the angelic realm. It will assist you in communicating with your own guardian angel and spirit guides.

By placing the Selenite wands around you home, you will create a spiritual sanctuary which promotes positivity, healing, tranquillity and peace. Great to have around the home if you have over active pets or children.

Having a Selenite at your bedside will also promote a restful night’s sleep and help to ease stress, fears and negative vibrations, so your body is able to rest and heal itself.

Selenite does not require cleansing. You can if you wish leave this crystal outside during a full moon if you wish to charge the energies to a higher frequency, but otherwise you can just place them around your home or programme them for a specific use.

Unlike other crystals which need regular cleansing, selenite does not need to be cleansed. In fact it can be used to cleanse your other crystals by placing them on a piece of selenite

Selenite is a valuable crystal to have, get yours today.


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