PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT – Working With Psychic Symbology

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT – Working With Psychic Symbology


In this 90 minute home study Psychic Development program, discover how to understand the ways in which spirit communicate to us through symbology.

You’ll be able to discover: –

How to create your own psychic symbol dictionary
How to apply and use symbols for angelic, psychic and intuitive messages
Why it’s important to have your own understanding of symbology
Join in, with lots of exercises to help you get a hold on your own intuition and discover just how easy it is to pick up messages from your spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and loved ones who have passed over.

This is a hands-on PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT program to help you expand and develop your psychic skills.

How will this home study psychic development programme help me?
Helps you to develop your awareness
Increases your ability to listen to your intuition
Gain access to unseen knowledge
Boost your self-confidence
Improve your ability to make the right decisions at the right time
Boost the speed at which your brain processes information
Increases your creative ability
Gives you an edge in your professional and personal lives.
Connects you to the world of spirit
Greatly promotes a sense of well-being and inner peace
Helps you to feel more in control of yourself and life.
Go on a journey of intuitive psychic self-discovery – Order today!


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