Metatronic 12D Advanced Angelic Light Grid Attunement

Metatronic 12D Advanced Angelic Light Grid Attunement

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Join Archangel Metatron and connect to the crystal grids of Earth and the celestial ascension grids of the multi-universes to release your consciousness from 3D programming.

Connect with the multi-universal angelic forces to experience, connect and align with central sun’s 12-pointed crystal energy star grid for ascension awakening, empowerment and transformation.

Align your own soul’s Stargate with the central sun’s stargate for a complete realignment of your blueprint and soul’s energy fields.

TYPE OF COURSE: Downloadable Video Programme – Learn from the comfort of your own home/office.

How will this Angel Attunement benefit me?

Do you struggle to know you’re connected with spirit? This angel attunement programme is a great way for you to explore and expand your intuition, under the expert guidance of Angel Messenger Jill Harrison.

You’ll also get to: –

Discover how to feel and know you’re connected to Archangel Metatron.
Understand the power of sacred geometry and how it affects your own spiritual growth.
Learn how to release yourself from fear and lower forms of energy.
Gain greater insight into how to shift and raise your own vibration and why this is important to your own ascension process.
Access and connect with a deeper sense of inner peace.
Release yourself from energies and stresses that impact your ability to function on a daily basis.
Learn how to find your inner space and go within for spiritual guidance and support.
Discover how to trust and know when you are working intuitively, rather than thinking.
Explore different relaxation techniques to help you strengthen your connection with spirit.
Understand the difference in vibration between angelic energies, crystal energies and spirit energies.

This programme contains: –

1. DVD Programme
2. Meditation MP3


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