Mayan Healing Temple – Spiral Consciousness Expansion

Mayan Healing Temple – Spiral Consciousness Expansion


Do you feel you’ve lost your connection to spirit, to life, or to the flow of the universe?

Go on a Soul Healing journey to release old programming, pain, and experience spiritual reconnection through the energetic imprint of the sacred spiral.

In this powerful guided healing programme, experience and connect with the powerful Mayan Frequencies for consciousness expansion and total DNA upgrade.

One of the most basic sacred geometric energies available to help us expand our spiritual connections is the Spiral. Learn how to use the spiral for soul journeying, soul healing and soul exploration.

The spiral represents spiritual germination, the seed of life from which all things grow. In this meditation webinar, join us and travel to the tomb of the Mayan King Pacal The Great. Connection with the Mayan Spiritual Energies in Chiapas, Mexico and enter dream time, using the spiritual journey inward to discover your soul’s beginnings deep within the universal space for powerful frequency DNA upgrades to help you heal, expand and grow.

This particular healing class programme is a very sacred journey, to help you understand your soul, your place in the cosmos and the goals of your soul are and how to achieve them.

One of the key ingredients for connecting and attaining spiritual enlightenment lies within the spiral energies of the cosmos. The vast majority of humanity travel through the universal energies on a downward spiral, thereby plunging them into victim/martyr lifestyles where they feel powerless to change or have anything. Discovering how to use the universal energies of the upward spiral enable you to transform yourself, your life and the destiny you create for yourself.

Experience heightened sensitivity to increase your mental sharpness
Release past karmic frequency loops
Gain a greater control over your life
Increase your positivism levels
Understand your soul’s natural state
Experience third eye expansion for a deeper connection with spirit
Learn how to connect with spirit
Experience profound healing
Increase your core frequency to match and align with universal harmony and unconditional love
Discover how to use the spiral energies as a spiritual compass for when you feel stuck or lost.
Increase ability to hold onto inner calm when chaos is unfolding.
Gain an ability to see and feel universal wisdom in every day events.
Increase your ability to live from your soul’s consciousness instead of your lower mind.
Gain an ability to tap into the spiritual dimension quicker and easier for guidance.
Uncover the sacred geometric symbols that guide your life, its meaning and purpose.
Rapidly increase your intuitive awareness for connection with spirit.
Experience profound spiritual healing and awakening.
Stop putting up with doubting your own intuitive abilities.
Stop waiting for things to change.

Change everything, and make your transition from waiting to having.

Don’t waste time and money travelling to a venue.
Learn at home where you’re relaxed and at ease.


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