Lemurian Attuned Copper Quartz Crystal Wand approx 100mm

Lemurian Attuned Copper Quartz Crystal Wand approx 100mm

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NEW**  Powerful Healing Properties in Copper Quartz Crystal Wands – Healing properties have been fed back by users: Many healers at mind-body-spirit fairs stop at our stall to feel the energy from these crystals. The quartz is amplifying the copper healing properties, which often can assist many people with their joint pain.


Arthritis and Rheumatism are growing chronic dis-eases, brought about by lack of water and chemical imbalances in the body.

Some Arthritis sufferers discover that they can ease their pain, by the touch of copper. We have many healers purchase these crystals to assist them in with their healing therapies for their clients.

  • Suffer from stress and anxiety?
  • Suffer from being around negative people?
  • Got some negative situations in your life?

The copper is fused into the quartz. This copper, combined with the amplifying energies of the quartz, can often create a great ‘grounding’ effect, to regulate your auric energy field, especially your Root Chakra.


This method of healing therapy was used by Atlantians. The quartz has also been Lemurian attuned by Jill, to further amplify the healing properties.  Keep these crystals at your popular places, to regulate your auric field; to free the magnetic energies in your environment which may be creating negativity and stress, so that your body has the ability to heal better and get a better night’s sleep to aid healing.

A fireman approached us who was so stressed out with his work; he hadn’t slept properly for 2 years. He took a piece of the fused quartz and put it under his pillow, and told me, the next time he saw me, he had been sleeping almost every night for 6 months.


A woman picked up a sphere at one of our shows, and walked up a flight of stairs to the main show area. She came back 5 more times to pick up the sphere, and went back up the stairs. “You must think I’m mad,” she said. She went on to tell me she had severe arthritis of the knee, and noticed after picking up the sphere she felt no pain, climbing the stairs. When the pain came back, she came down and held the sphere, and went back up the staircase, 5 more times, noticing she was pain free, a little longer, each time. “I’ve got to have this sphere.” she said.

Many people have told us of the calming effect they get when they hold a piece, when reading, or watching T.V.

You can also hold a piece to amplify your energies when meditating.

If you’ve had some remarkable results too, please drop us an email and let us know.

Glenn xx

Please note that image(s) are for sample purposes, you will be sent a similar one, chosen by the angelic realm for you, channelled through Jill.  


Please note that Crystal Healing and the use of crystals is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. You should continue with, and assess any medical treatment prescribed for you. As with medicine, there are no guarantees that crystal therapy or using crystals will “cure” any condition. 


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