Ex-Shop-Display Orgone Pendan

Ex-Shop-Display Orgone Pendan


50% OFF RRP 

These include cancelled orders, ex-display pieces and discontinued ranges.
Some are brand new, others are slightly shop soiled with minor scratches or marks.
All these Orgone Pendants are subject to availability, so best not to hang around if you want one!


Please note colours vary and may be just one colour, or two-tone.


Would you like to balance your chakras, boost your immune system and ward off negativity?

“I have to tell – I am truly shocked by how my life has changed since the orgone pendants – I ordered one for my husband. There is an obvious difference in his personality. Yes, you may use my quotes. I would like all people to be in a good place! This was the beginning of my next phase in life.” –  cecetoniboo – Texas USA

The Orgone Pendant has been shown to help you balance your chakras, boost your immune system and remove negative energy; in just 1-hour of you wearing it.

This amazing pendant helps to break down negative energies, which attach themselves to our bodies and auras. Carrying negative energy, or entering negative environments, obstructs your natural flow of energy, which is required to maintain a healthy immune system.

Now, by simply wearing this pendant you can enhance your immune system and harmonise your chakras with ease.

Do you have these symptoms, from too much negative energy?

  •         Feel run-down and exhausted?
  •      Suffer from depression or nervousness?
  •      Lost your appetite?
  •      Have developed any allergies to food?
  •      Affected by headaches, depression and illness from electricity?
  •      Having trouble absorbing the necessary vitamins and minerals?
  •      Tired, but experience insomnia or restless sleep?
  •      Body experiences cramps.
  •      Tingling in your arms and legs?
  •      Awake with a fuzzy head in the morning?

All the above symptoms can be an indication that you are suffering from too much negative energy.

What is Orgone energy?

Orgone energy is Wilhelm Reich’s name for the substratum from which all nature is created. The best definition this author can provide for it, is this: Orgone energy is the creative force in nature. You may also know this as Chi, Reiki, or Universal Life-Force Energy.

What Orgone energy can do for you.

  •     Enhance your psychic ability.
  •     Protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation (AKA EMF EMR EMP).
  •     Balances and enhances the biophysical energy field.
  •     Promotes mental clarity focus and concentration.
  •     Promotes a sense of balance and centeredness.
  •     Promotes feelings of love, joy, peace and happiness.
  •     Helps you become relaxed, harmonious, peaceful and calm.
  •     Neutralises disharmonious or negative energies.
  •     Clears negative energies of cosmic or telluric origin.
  •     Helps to releases blockages or stagnant energy.
  •     Awakens and enhances psychic and healing abilities.
  •     Ideal for healers, light workers and channellers.
  •     Expands consciousness and awareness.
  •     Rapid revitalisation of the organism.
  •     Diminishes fatigue and tiredness.
  •     Enhances physical strength and stamina.
  •     Improves sleep.
  •     Retards aging.
  •     Acts as a 24/7 passive psychic shield.
  •     Energises food and water.
  •     Stimulates the third eye chakra improving intuition and creativity.
  •     Assists connection to the divine source.
  •     Empowers meditation and prayer.
  •     Facilitates ascension.
  •     Increases synchronicity.
  •     Enhances manifesting abilities.
  •     Assists astral projection and lucid dreaming.
  •     Use as a pendulum in chakra and aura balancing.
  •     Use as a transmitter pendulum in distant healing.
  •     Use as a tuning pendulum in radionics.
  •     Use as a pendulum for radiesthesia and dowsing.

What happens when you first hold or wear your pendant?

When you first pick up the pendant you may feel sensations around, and on your body.

The energy of the orgone pendant is felt differently for each individual.

Sometimes tingling can be felt in the hands, and/or arms. Sometimes you may feel a sensation on the top of the head, as your crown chakra begins to open. You may even feel energy working on one or more chakra points.

Don’t be too concerned, if you don’t feel any sensations. This doesn’t mean the pendant isn’t working for you.

These orgone pendants were monitored with an aura camera linked to a computer screen, so we could see exactly what happened to the chakra systems when the pendant was introduced into the auric field, held in the hand or worn on the body.

As soon as the pendant was introduced to the person’s aura, all the chakras started working hard and enlarging. The colour red swept through the whole of the aura for a few seconds; then the chakras began to work in pairs, with the pairing changing all the time as the colour red receded. The chakras came back to normal with the aura colours of blues and greens manifesting as the chakras became aligned, balanced and harmonised.

Lastly we saw the white Kundalini energy working its way up through the chakra system, starting at the root and travelling up the spinal cord, to the individual’s level of awareness.

So whether you actually feel anything or not, when you hold or wear the pendent, the energy of the pendant will be aligning, balancing and harmonising your systems. The pendant will increase the life-force energy taken into your body, via your chakra system, enhancing your physical health, well-being and protection.

The pendant does not need cleaning or charging.

These orgone pendants are not intended to treat or cure any disease (but they will help harmonise the energies which cause the dis-ease). The Orgone Pendant is an energy tool that creates a harmonising field of negative Ion around your body, to support and balance your own magnetic field and aura; to protect you from depleting positive Ion energy influences, created by aspects of our environment.

Available in a range of colours:- see our other listings. Colour is purely preference and not linked to chakras.


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