Celtic Angel Pentagram Resonance Channelled Reading

Celtic Angel Pentagram Resonance Channelled Reading


This reading is a channelled reading with Nevanthi. She is an ancient Celtic Angel who has stepped forward at this time to bring you unique insight into the five elemental energies you are working with and how they are affecting your life at this time.

This particular Celtic angel channelled reading will look at the following:-

Your Soul Flame Aspect - Your soul flame holds the answers when you need new ideas or direction, it is the pure energy of intuition and in this reading, Nevanthi will bring you insight into how you may fire up your intuitive abilities and ways you may wish to develop your spiritual skills.

Your Soul's Cauldron - Your soul's cauldron is that deep aspect of your soul from which your emotions well up inside of you. Allow Nevanthi to bring you guidance on what lays deep within your soul's cauldron, what you may need to release, heal or embrace. Uncover seep insight to the energies that are affecting your feelings and life, along with how this impacts on your own heart and the ability to give and receive love.

Your Soul''s Staff - The staff of the soul brings support and also protection, this part of the reading will cover how the energies are affecting your mental body and what hidden influences are affecting your judgement and intellect. Uncover ways in which you may be able to develop greater clarity in the decision that lay ahead.

Your Soul's Rune - Your physical body, your physical senses are your compass in the physical realm, if the energies are imbalanced they can impact on your health and physical reality. Uncover the influences affecting you at this time.

Your Soul's Crystal - Deep with your soul is the crystal clear consciousness of being. Here lies your gateway to the spiritual realm, your essence, here uncover the way back to wholeness and meaning. Uncover what is required to experience oneness, joy, balance and transformation.

These five aspects of your soul create your own soul's sacred geometric pentagram. it is believed that the sacred pentagram held the map for all souls in their search for wholeness.



Please note that this reading contains channelled ancient lore and as such is offered as guidance only.

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