Celestial Healing For Anchoring & Activation of the Light Body Meditation DVD D

Celestial Healing For Anchoring & Activation of the Light Body Meditation DVD D


This downloadable MP4 video is about helping you to advance your ability to meditate, and amplify your inner light for healing, personal transformation and manifestation purposes.

Experience new paradigms of spiritual energy. If you are looking to upgrade your meditation and intuitive, psychic skills, explore working with energy, light and consciousness to strengthen your inner core energy, this DVD is for you.

Meditation works on many levels of awakening for you as an individual.

Meditation offers you a chance to work on transforming the self. Meditation can boost your energy levels, it can increase your intuitive talents. Meditation is using the art of alchemy, when you work with alchemy, you open yourself up to new paradigms of consciousness, and new realities.

Meditation is simply energy activation. It activates your inner light, increases your spiritual connections, your healing abilities and your higher consciousness abilities.

Exploring in meditation will help you to connect to different codes of consciousness, which will empower you and assist you in your normal daily life.

Through meditation you are able to move beyond your limitations, co-create your reality and transform your own personal energy fields.

In this DVD meditation, we will be cleansing the personal energy field, before moving into celestial healing for anchoring and activation of the light body.

This is a fabulous opportunity to heal, cleanse, transform and shift your energies, so you can move into your own state of empowerment.


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