Cashing In On God

Cashing In On God

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God has decided to speak out after many years of silence. There has been a conscious shift in the energies of our planet, which is allowing the stranglehold of religion to weaken and the spirituality of mankind to rise. This has started a movement of a new belief.


God is no longer prepared to put up with the avarice and greed, which has caused religion to use the word of God to manipulate people for power and control. God is no longer prepared to allow mankind total free-will, to continue to self-destruct and move further away from the spirituality that we were given. The day of reckoning is approaching; accelerated by mankind's material greed.


There is definitely life after death; but only for those who believe. This book is set to 'Rock the Casbah' with the shocking truth about the power and control of religion and the Holy Bible. It helps you to learn the truth about the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ, what God really is; the wrong direction mankind has taken; and, our real purpose in life. This book will shatter most people's belief and start a wave of controversy.


For example: Jesus was 'not' crucified. Prepare to have your belief system shaken.






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