Archangel Tree of Life - Angel Reading

Archangel Tree of Life - Angel Reading

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This Archangel Tree of Life angel reading will help you to understand which Archangels are working with you at this time on a physical, emotional/mental and spiritual level.


Each Archangel that is overseeing your soul's development will bring you angel guidance through angel messenger Jill Harrison who is a trance-channel for the angelic realm.


This reading is a spiritual guidance reading and will focus on life lessons, soul gifts and talents you can use to help you on your ascension path and the negative karmic influences that you may be dealing with.


During your reading you will uncover: - 


  • The highest goal and ideal your soul is trying to attain at its present time.
  • What your driving force is, this can sometimes be an event or person.
  • How your archangels will support you in life.
  • What your soul holds dear and sacred.
  • The impact you will have on others while journeying to attain your soul's goals.
  • Your gifts and how you can use them to affect others.
  • Which pursuits your soul will find fulfilling.
  • What; hidden desires and currently locked potential are still waiting to be discovered
  • How your soul wants to express itself in the physical world.


The reading is available in the following formats: -


  1. Skype Reading
  2. Zoom Online
  3. Telephone


When you order, please be sure to let us know how you would like to receive your reading. The time for this reading is 30 minutes guidance.  


Readings which are face-to-face or via telephone with Jill currently require a minimum of 48 hours notice.

    • Booking Your Session

      Once you have paid for your reading, please use the link below to schedule your appointment. Please note that you need to have paid for this reading before you book, otherwise your appointment will be cancelled.

      Also please ensure you allow a minimum of 48 hours before booking your appointment. We will confirm your appointment by email. 


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