Archangel Metatron’s Angel Attunement Body Lotion

Archangel Metatron’s Angel Attunement Body Lotion

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This luxurious angel attunement will help strengthen your aura and lift its vibrations to strengthen and protect you from negative people, places and situations.


By applying this angel attunement lotion you will be purifying your energies. This, in turn, will raise your intuition so you can feel the presence of your angels around you more clearly and receive angel guidance. This beautiful essential oil lotion will help you to radiate love and compassion to everything around you.

You can use this as a meditation aid to help you open your heart centre to the angelic realm and receive angelic light whilst in meditation.


You can use this angel attunement essential oil body lotion before retiring to bed, to protect your energies whilst astrally travelling. This lotion will also help you feel very relaxed, experience restful angelic sleep.


This angel attunement lotion will also help to activate and balance all your chakra centres.


This Angel attunement body lotion and essential oil blend was given in trance to Jill Harrison by Archangel Metatron and was channelled to compliment the Archangel Metatron Guardian Angel Attunement Meditation and Archangel Metatron Soul Spray, to allow them to work together in harmony;

complementing and enhancing your guided meditation experience.


What is an Attunement?

An attunement is a way of receiving healing or spiritual energies to help you develop yourself on a personal or spiritual level. Everything within the universe is energy and by focusing on attuning our energies we can help our bodies heal or help us to connect to the angels for guidance and support.


How this angel attunement body lotion helps.

This particular guardian angel attunement body lotion will help you channel and connect to your guardian angel. The specific blend of essential oils will help raise your vibrational energy levels. This body lotion will help you connect with happiness and inner peace.

A special blend of oils are infused to alter your own vibrational energies, to assist you in aligning to the Angelic Realm, so that you may experience a stronger connection with your own guardian angel.


This blend also has a wonderfully soothing and cleansing effect, negating negative energies within your auric field.


It contains a special blend of Lavender, Neroli and Rose Maroc essential oils. ( Free of parabens )


Directions: Massage gently into the body or hands to smooth and soften the skin. For external use only.


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