Angelic Chakra Healing Programme – Level 1

Angelic Chakra Healing Programme – Level 1

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Learn how to access Angel Healing for harmony in your Mind, Body & Spirit

Experience deep angel healing and learn how to charge, align and balance your TWELVE chakras.

Often many healers will talk about imbalanced chakras and the need to re-balance the chakras, but an imbalanced chakra can be blocked, under-active, dysfunction or over-active, healing an over-active chakra is completely different to healing and balancing a blocked, dysfunctional or under-active chakra, so how do you tell the difference?

The chakra system affects how we function on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. Each of the chakra’s contain soul lessons, which we need to learn to master and perfect. These lessons challenge us on all levels, however, they also offer us specific gateways, spiritual portals to accessing the different heavenly realms and the Archangels who look after those realms. Unlike other chakra healing programmes, which only address the main seven chakras, this programme covers the main TWELVE chakras.

In this particular programme, we are going to look at the role of each chakra, which gateway of heaven it allows you access to, and the Archangel of that gateway, so you can understand how to overcome and heal any issues this particular chakra gateway affects.

Healing your chakras requires a multi-dimensional approach, it is not just a question of using crystals or energy to balance the chakra. Whilst crystals or energy healing may temporarily help the chakra, unless you also understand the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual challenges you are meant to address, you cannot hope to maintain a balanced and healthy chakra system.

What is this angel chakra healing programme about?
This angel chakra healing programme will teach you how to recognise and heal any imbalanced energies within your chakras. Learn how to use the chakras as gateways to connect with the Archangels for angelic healing and support. Discover some of the soul challenges associated with each chakra and the variety of ways in which you can heal and use the power of that chakra to empower your life’s purpose and soul’s journey.

Learn how to make Archangel aromatherapy essences to amplify your ability to hold the right vibration for angel communication. Learn how to make crystal healing grids to charge and open your chakras for optimum healing.

This programme is full of intuitive expanding exercises, educational information on the chakras and the Archangels, along with healing and powerful meditations.

The aim of the programme is to help you master chakra healing techniques and access the angelic heavenly realms for healing, support and guidance. This programme offers you the chance to learn how to master energies and use those energies to heal and transform your life. This Angelic Chakra Healing programme will help you to advance your inner healing potential on a mind, body and spiritual level.

What is the itinerary for this Angelic Chakra Healing Programme?

Each module covers a different chakra and the Archangel gateway you can access through this chakra. You will also: –

Discover how this chakra affects you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level
Understanding the symptoms to look out for when there is a problem with this chakra and how it affects the surrounding chakras and your health
Gain insight into the many ways in which you can use the energies of this chakra to empower yourself and your life
Learn how to use the chakra for angelic communication, healing and support
How to use Aromatherapy and Crystals to amplify the healing process
What is the time duration for this programme?

There are 12 modules to this programme each module lasting between 60 – 90 minutes.

Module 1 – Earth Gateway Chakra
Module 2 – Earth Star Chakra
Module 3 – Root Chakra
Module 4 – Sacral Chakra
Module 5 – Solar Plexus Chakra h
Module 6 – Heart Chakra
Module 7 – Throat Chakra
Module 8 – Third Eye Chakra
Module 9 – Crown Chakra
Module 10 – Soul Star Chakra
Module 11 – Stellar Gateway Chakra
Module 12 – Universal Gateway Chakra

What are the benefits of this angelic chakra healing programme?

This angelic chakra healing programme aims to help you expand your awareness and understanding of chakra energy and develop your ability to connect with the angelic realm for healing and support. Each module of the programme offers you an opportunity to achieve a variety of objectives.

In this transformative, high-energy angel healing programme you will:-

Learn to identify and release personal energy issues which inhibits you from maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit
Access the angelic realm for personal transformation and healing
Experience total mind, body and spiritual relaxation
Release old energy imprints of the past which karmically affect you, your life and your health
Experience a powerful Archangel chakra energy balance and upgrade
Access and learn how to activate the inner healer.
Gain knowledge of how to quickly and easily heal yourself and others.
Discover how to use crystals and essential oils to amplify your healing abilities

Not sure this angel healing class is for you?

Unlike other ‘luke-warm’ spiritual teachers who give you the same stale regurgitated advice time and time and talk about anything and everything, but give you very little substance, let Jill Harrison show you in a practical down-to-earth way, how to quickly and easily connect with the Archangels and tap into your own inner healing abilities and use them to transform your life. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced healer, you will not find another angelic chakra healing programme like this.

What happens once I place my order?

Within 48 hours, you will be sent download link to all the videos, student notes and any additional programme material. Support is offered to all students via email.

Energy Investment: –

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