Are you ready to:

Feel completely centred, balanced and empowered?
Understand how to heal your spiritual bodies and transform them so you are free of energy imprints and blocks?
Make your ability to manifest easier?
Develop your core strength to protect you from negative experiences and people?
Heal at a core soul level?
Reconnect with your true essence?
Raise your vibrational energies so you can enjoy more love, joy, abundance and peace?
Learn how to connect with the angelic realm for total transformative healing?

This Angel Healing Webinar will provide you with: –
A simple, quick, way connect with the angelic realm
Spiritual ways to heal your spiritual bodies
Insight into how your spiritual bodies affect your ability to manifest and heal
Reconnection to Spirit at all levels
Keys to healing on a core soul level

This 90-minute webinar is designed for lightworkers, spiritual people who are interested and open to working directly with the angelic realm so they can co-creatively connect with Divine energies to access transformational healing and soul connection to spirit on all levels.

During this webinar learn how to use your energies, your spiritual abilities for greater healing and manifestation. Learn how to co-create with the Cosmos and actively create your dreams.

This powerful webinar will help you learn about energy healing, how your consciousness has the power to transform and heal you on many levels. Identify energy issues, tears, blocks within your human energy fields and your chakras.

This Angel Healing webinar will show you how to: –

Use multidimensional energy to heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, meaning that all parts of you that may hold any particular energy blocks can be cleared, this includes:

Old soul imprints
Inherited hereditary patterns
Karmic issues
Hidden sabotaging programmes
Chakra blockages or misalignments
Emotional Issues
Negative belief patterning
Meridian imbalances
And much more…
During this angel healing webinar, you will be guided through how to:

Connect to the Angelic Realm
Connect to your Higher-Self
Imbue your energy bodies with Divine Healing energy matrices
Balance your human energy fields and your consciousness energy system
Harmonise and align your energy bodies and chakras to the Universal Flow for prosperity, health and harmony.

How Will This Angel Healing Webinar Benefit Me?

Access and learn simple deep angelic healing and life transformation methods
An opportunity to step into empowerment
A way to understand and connect with your core soul issues
Accessing Angelic Healing to co-create profound shifts in your life
Experience a deep connection to your angelic healing team and your Higher Self
Expand your ability to work as a higher evolved spiritual being
Empower your own healing abilities.

This 90-minute webinar offers you a pathway to connect to your deepest part of your soul and find enlightenment.

Uncover more about yourself, your soul’s purpose. Get a feel for your true essence, and the power that lies within you. If you have been looking for a way to heal, or increase, your ability to overcome feeling separate from spirit, this webinar will help you transition into alignment and harmony with the celestial realms.
Our webinar programmes are both theory and experiential
join us for 90 minutes of educational, uplifting and healing fun.

All students will receive a copy of this recording, an mp3 guided meditation, along with any student handouts.


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