Accessing Higher Consciousness DVD

Accessing Higher Consciousness DVD



Accessing Higher Consciousness

When we know how to tap into our higher consciousness, we possess the ability to achieve clarity in our lives. Our ability to pay attention to detail, to see the higher truth in a situation, or perceive honesty in another is so much easier.

Within our brain, there is an electromagnetic frequency that creates a connective resonance between our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. By learning how to energise this area, we create new neural pathways within the brain which allows us to have a greater understanding of everything in and around us.

Learning to change your own vibration, you can develop the ability to energise the pituitary and pineal glands, which when done correctly can create an extremely strong healing presence which is dispersed through the endocrine system, which results in greater circulation, heightened immune system and elimination of toxicity within the body.

If you would like to…

· Achieve greater clarity both mentally and spiritually.
· Understand your purpose and how to live it.
· Access your higher self.
· Develop the ability to recognise when something is and isn’t right for you.
· Develop the ability to perceive truth and deceit.
· Accelerate your ability to receive higher guidance.
· Transform your ability to experience and communicate with your guides
· Overcome your doubt of spirit communication
Then this is the home-study programme is for you.


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