75 – A Healing Journey To Atlantis Guided Meditation MP3

75 – A Healing Journey To Atlantis Guided Meditation MP3

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Take an amazing spiritual journey to Atlantis.

If you’ve been seeking peace, energy and spiritual healing for the soul, this healing meditation will help you attain inner peace. Explore Atlantis and experience a higher state of consciousness.
What is this guided Atlantis healing meditation about?
If you are suffering from illness, this healing guided meditation will help you to listen to your body, as to why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, and how your body wants to be healed. Let your body talk to you with the aid of the Atlantean Healers in the Atlantean Healing Temple.

Connect with the powerful healers of Atlantis and receive higher vibrational healing energies from the Crystal Healing Chambers of Atlantis.The healing energies of Atlantis are easy to connect to, access information about your own soul needs and how to access ancient Atlantean wisdom for spiritual growth.

Awaken your Atlantean healing codes which awaken within you the power to master peace, joy, harmony and balance.

What is the length of this healing meditation?

This particular guided healing meditation is 51 minutes long.

How often should I listen to this guided healing meditation?

You can listen to any of our guided meditations as much as you like. We have some clients who find that repeating the meditation on a regular basis is really beneficial to their spiritual growth and helps to accelerate their psychic development and ascension process.

What time of day is best to listen to this guided meditation?

As this is a powerful altered state guided meditation, we would recommend you do this meditation when you are fully awake, this will ensure you do not fall asleep and miss out any valuable information you may receive whilst doing this meditation.

What are the benefits of doing this guided healing meditation?

Our meditations are channelled from the angelic realm and starseed beings to help you expand your consciousness and develop the ability to traverse the Cosmos. Each meditation offers you an opportunity to achieve a variety of objectives.

Heal inner child issues
Boost your inner light
Rebalance all of your sacred energy points
Re-awaken your Atlantis talents and gifts
Understand what is causing any energy imbalances
Learn how to use energy to heal yourself
Receive a powerful 12 chakra Atlantean Attunement to release all energetic imprints
Achieve a deeper state of inner peace
Clear your mind
Find your own sacred sanctuary where you can access peace, manifestation and healing energies
Tune into your spiritual helpers and guides
Overcome your current challenges
Quieten your mind
Open your heart
Feel uplifted, rejuvenated and re-energised.
Align with positive, protective energies.
Eliminate unhealthy energy imprints
Improve chronic illnesses
Release stress and worry
Remove negativity
Recreate a life of peace, passion and love
Increase your intuitive talents
Boost your creativity
Receive specific healing advice
Experience inner peace
Develop a greater connection to your own spiritual helpers
Gain a greater understanding of your spiritual path
Eradicate old energies
Learn how to strengthen your own immune system
Explore choices to you can create the life you want to live
Understand the spiritual reasons for your emotional or physical disease.


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